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Helping New Hampshire Residents Find The Highest Interest Rates for Their “Safe Money”

Tired of Earning Almost Nothing On Your Hard-Earned Dollars???  You Have Come To The Right Place!!!

3 steps to higher interest rates: 

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5.75% Guaranteed for 5-Years!!!!

No Market Volatility

No stock market volatility with guaranteed rates as high as 5.65%.

Your Money Only Goes UP!

Again, no market volatility, just guaranteed interest rates!

No long-term commitments!

Retirement savers love the minimal time commitments for these guaranteed annuities.  No 15-year “surrender periods” here!


Tax-Deferred Growth

Fixed Annuity Questions and Answers

What is a "MYGA"?

A Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity, also known as a Fixed Annuity where your interest rate is guaranteed over the annuity term, i.e. 2% over 2 years.

Are there any fees and expenses?

There are no annual fees or expenses.  100% of your premium is invested.  If the annuity is cashed out early however, there can be surrender charges and/or a Market Value Adjustment (MVA)

Are Annuities FDIC insured?

Annuities are backed by the financial strength of the Insurance Company.  

Do fixed annuities offer estate planning benefits?

Yes, annuities allow you to name a beneficiary on the account versus leaving the asset to your estate. Thus they avoid probate which can be costly and public.

How liquid are MYGA’s, any risks?

MYGA’s are generally not very liquid, therefore they can pay a higher rate than other safe investment options, i.e. CDs, Savings. Etc.

They do however generally allow you the ability to withdrawal your yearly interest or a percentage of your annuity balance every year.

Withdrawing more than this amount during the guaranteed period will impose a surrender penalty above the charge free amount or Market Value Adjustment.

Can I purchase a Fixed Annuity directly or do I have to buy it through a licensed insurance agent?

Insurance Products can only be purchased through a licensed insurance agent who is licensed in the state where you are transacting the business.

The rate and product offered in that state is the same no matter which licensed insurance agent you buy it through.


Generally, what is the minimum to open a MYGA?

The minimum premium is generally $10,000, but differs with every insurance carrier.

Can MYGA’s be purchased with a CD or retirement account?

Yes, both. Annuities can be purchased in a non-qualified account or a retirement account, i.e. individual, joint, trust owned or in a qualified retirement account, i.e. IRAs, ROTH IRAs.

Who is generally the ideal candidate to purchase an annuity?

Generally, someone who wants protection of principal, guaranteed interest rates, and is close to or over the age of 59 ½.

(Distributions prior to age 59 ½ will incur a premature penalty tax of 10% on the interest only in non-retirement accounts).

Are there any tax benefits to annuities?

Yes, for non-retirement accounts your interest grows tax deferred and is not taxed until withdrawn.  Unlike CDs where interest is taxed yearly, regardless if you use it or not.

If I’m interested in getting more information or want to purchase a MYGA can you help?

Yes, we offer a no obligation consultation to answer questions, provide information, and help to see if a MYGA is a suitable option for you.

Fixed Annuities are not suitable for everybody so it is important to us to make sure you have all the relevant information so you can make your own informed decision if a fixed annuity is right for you.


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